We all rely on unverified testimony. QAnon happens when you trust the wrong people.
TLDR: Definitely; Maybe
Rescuing delegated state authority from homevoter regulatory capture is a win for democracy
Local control of zoning creates regional and national problems that demand non-local solutions
New-ish podcast guest appearances and a fiction bonus
Another excerpt from "Americans for Prosperity" with fun Straussian stuff in it
It won't help me buy a house, but maybe it flips Texas?
Sold a house in Iowa, signed a lease in LA
An excerpt from my unfinished MFA novel
Also, we're moving to Los Angeles
The Anti-Majoritarian Mistake (Subscriber Audio)Listen now (20 min) | Subscriber audio of “The Anti-Majoritarian Mistake,” Model Citizen, April 22, 2021
Jonah Goldberg thinks liberal societies don't need much democracy. He's wrong.