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Mothballs to the wall

Greetings, y’all. It appears I’ve received a small deluge of subscriptions despite the general defunctitude around here — no doubt thanks to the Sullivan/Greenwald/Yglesias Substack boom. As a middleweight old-school blogger who was on Substack before Substack was cool, I felt moved to seize the opportunity to declare my intention to dust this thing off over the coming holiday plague season and serve up some consistent Content.

I’ll keep it free until I’m positive I can keep it up on the regular and I shall at the very least log a weekly update detailing the latest episode of Model Citizen, snippets of any pieces published (one should be forthcoming Friday in the paper of record), noteworthy articles, relatable anecdotes about How We Live Now, rib-tickling Tic Toks … the usual. Certainly the occasional photograph of beautiful children and elderly an Vizsla. A take or two. If I get ambitious, perhaps some longwinded philosophizing … for the ladies.

If you’ve recently signed up, thanks a bunch. I will absolutely bore you to tears. Enjoy.

— WW

Look at these scamps!

Robin Hood and mouse sidekick. Steals from the mouse 1%, gives to hardworking middle-class mice who play by the rules. [Credit: Jack-o-lantern design by Felix Wilkinson.]

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