I regret to inform you that it's totally legit and crypto/blockchain networks really might be technologically, economically, and politically transformative. Ugh.
America's emerging crypto interests need to get their heads in the political game and invest in allaying the state's fear of financial disintermediation
The university doesn't need a telos. The pursuit of truth needs traits the university can't teach.
The former mayor of Beverly Hills is SO MAD about duplexes!
Larry Elder's Big Lie; podcast on Southernification; I love LA
A bunch of good stuff folks recommended to me
Republicans Finally Caught the Car (Subscriber Audio)Listen now (12 min) | Subscriber audio of “Republicans Finally Caught the Car,” Model Citizen, September 3, 2021
The Back-Alley Reversal of Roe Just Made the GOP Unsafe for Right-leaning Women
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